Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid _ BTE type

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Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid _ BTE type
Digital BTE Type Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Model No.: IN4-UP-6EC3 (Right ear) / IN4-UP-6ED3 (Left ear)

- Bluetooth compatible
- Rechargeable
- 3 different environmental setting

Product Introduction
- Supporting A2DP, AVRCP, HFP compatible for both iOS and Android.
- Inconspicuous fitting on the ear.
- Small compact behind the ear style hearing aid.
- Dual directional microphone to enhance the sound and better determine the direction of the 
   sound source.
- Adjustable mode setting. 3 defferent environmental settings to adjust to the surroundings
   (indoor or outdoor).
- Bluetooth compatible for both iOS and Android.
- Long lasting rechargeable battery.

- Best suited for people who want the inconspicuous look of a compact hearing aid with the
   multifunction of Bluetooth function.
- Small and compact, making it easy to store away or carry with you on your world adventures.
- Rechargeable over Micro USB so you don't have to break the bank.
- Suitable for all ages, genders and races.

Max. output 135 +/- 5dB @ SPL 90dB
Gain 50 +/- 5 dB
Continuous use up to 10 hours
Environmental mode 3 modes
Battery Rechargeable battery
Blurtooth Enable
Colors Available in black
Dimension (mm) 15x45x9
Weught (g) 10g
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