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About CuCare

Committed to the task of caring humanity through technologies, Taiwan-based company IN4 Technology Corporation has been providing healthcare medical equipment to the world for more than 18 years. Founded in 2018, CuCare saw the potential of how copper can benefit the human body and the environment. We have been promoting and marketing copper fiber worldwide through a network of dealers. Our core value has always been to make our customers feel at ease. We are dedicated to break the boundary between people and the healthcare equipment in order to improve the quality of our daily life

What is the copper textile
Properties of copper

The function of copper: Before penicillin has been used as a biocide, copper had already been used by different civilizations as an antibacterial and purification tool. Through direct contact and releasing copper ions, copper can effectively inhibit or kill numerous species of bacteria, fungi and viruses. As a common mineral in the human body, copper ions can also increase skin elasticity, enhance wound healing and angiogenesis.

Rise of copper textile

As people are starting to realize the importance of antimicrobial, textiles with the capability of this are being produced gradually. With great capability of killing harmful microbes and many additional functions, copper textile has become the alpha of the domain.

CuCare's copper textile products

Our copper textile products are made through Nanotechnology methods and have been proven to have the capability of antibacterial and antifungal. The result provided by Intertek and TTRI showed that on our products can reduce more than 99.99% of bacteria, and is recognized as grade 1 on antifungal grade, which means they can inhibit the growth of fungus upper than 90%.