Copper Rich Sock

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Copper Rich Sock

CuCare Copper Rich Socks


-    Anti-microbial

-    Odor control

-    Comfortable

-    Ventilated

Product Introduction
Odor control
Product Introduction
Anti-microbial copper fiber:
CuCare Medical Supporting Socks have high percentage of copper fiber, which allows it to have the ability of inhibiting harmful microbes including bacteria and fungal.
Our socks are capable to reduce the risk of foot infection and has a great efficiency on deodorization, therefore they are suitable for people with athlete foot, diabetic foot and stinky feet.
High percentage of Lyocell:
In our socks, there’s a high percentage of Lyocell, which is best known for its comfort. Lyocell can moderate the humidity of the socks and keeps it dry of a long standing.
Tested results of copper nano-composite Lyocell
Klebsiella Pneumoniae, ATCC 4352: upper than 99.99% reduction rate
Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA): upper than 99.99% reduction rate
Staphylococcus aureus subsp, ATCC6538P: 99.9% reduction rate
Trichophton mentagrophtes, ATCC9533: upper than 90% reduction rate (highest result)
6 available styles
Crew socks
Quarter socks
Ankle socks
Ankle toe socks
Toe socks
Knee toe socks


M: 22 - 26 cm
L: 24 - 28 cm



Product Copper Sock Copper Toe Sock
Composite Copper Fiber 76% 78%
Polyester 20% 18%
Spandex 4% 4%

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