Hearing Amplifier - ITC type

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Hearing Amplifier - ITC type
Hearing Amplifier ITC type
Model No.: IN4-UP6SY5


Product Introduction
- In-The-Canal (ITC) type hearing amplifier fits confortabe.
- 260 hours continuous use.

Standard frequency 2500 Hz
Max. output sound level gain 30 +/- 5 dB
Highest sound pressure level for input SPL 90 dB 109 dB +/- 5 dB below 125 dB
Equivalent input noise level Below 29 dB
Battery current Below 0.8 mA
Continuous use 260 hours
Battery type LR41x 1 or PR41 x 1
Operation condition 10~40 oC / 30~85% RH
Storage condition -10~60 oC / 30~85% RH
Size of hearing aid (mm) 13.2x12.5x23.5
Size of case (mm) 102.8x59x23.5
Weight of hearing aid (g) 2.2g
Weight of case (g) 37.6g
Material of hearing aid ABS
Material of case ABS
Material of soft tips Silicone
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