Rechargeable Hearing Aid - BTE type

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Rechargeable Hearing Aid - BTE type
Rechargeable Hearing Aid (dual meter) - BTE type
Model No.: IN4-UP6ESS

- Analog noise-free function
- Rechargeable
- Bbhind-The-Ear type
- Certificated CE, FDA and ISO

Product Introduction
- Noise-free function to lower background noise.
- Easy to charge by AC adapter or Alkaline battery.
- 10 seconds delay as feedback suppression after removing unit from the case.

Standard frequency 2500 Hz
Max. output sound level 50 +/- 5 dB
Highest sound perssure level for input SSPL 90 dB 125 +/- 5 dB
Equivalent input noise level Below 29 dB
Total harmonic distortion value 500/ 800/ 1600 Hz 5/5/4 %
Operation condition 10~40 oC / 30~85% RH
Storage condition -10~60 oC / 30~85% RH
Battery type Rechargeable
Battery rechargeable current/ rechargeable time <3 ma="" up="" to="" 300="" times="" in="" total="" span="">
Continuous use 12~16 hours (full charge)
Size of hearing aid (mm) 36x15x10
Size of storage case (mm) 96x66x22
Weight of hearing aid (g) 6
Weight of storage case (g) 62.5
Material of hearing aid ABS
Material of ear cap Silicone
Material of storage case ABS
Material of adapter ABS
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