Rechargeable Hearing Aid - BTE type

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Rechargeable Hearing Aid - BTE type
Rechargeable Hearing Aid - BTE type
Mode No.: IN4-UP-6EKX

- Noise free adjustment
- Rechargeable function
- Beige color
Certificated CE, FDA and ISO


Product Introduction
- Rechargeable over AC or battery
- Supported by a rechargeable carrying case
- Noise free technology
- Come with a variety of ear buds for the most comfortable fit

- Enriched hearing experience with the optimized noise free technology.
- Bi-usable, able to use on either the left or right ear.
- Simple and easy to set up.
- Suitable for all ages, genders and races.

Max. output 140 +/- 5 dB @ SPL 90 dB
Gain 55 +/- 5 dB
Continuous use up to 10 hours
Environmental mode Noise free function
Battery type Rechargeable
Color Beige
Dimension (mm) 55x40x10
Weight (g) 7.6g
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