6 Channels BTE Type Digital Hearing Aid

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6 Channels BTE Type Digital Hearing Aid
6 Channels Digital Hearing Aid _ BTE Type
Model No.: IN4-UP6EE2

- Full digital programmable
- 6 channels
- Sound tube adjustable
- Ceritifcated CE, ISO and FDA

Product Introduction
- Digital and programmable
- Sound tube adjustable
- Mutiple noise-cancelling optional switch
- Use your own customized ear mold
- Up to 250 hours continuous use time
- 6 channels
- Certificated CE, FDA and ISO

Standard frequency 1600 Hz
Max. output sound level gain 50 +/-5 dB
Power source L1154 button size battery
Power consumption About 1 mA
Size (mm) 48 (L) x 10.5 (W) x 12.7 (H)
Weight (g) 4.6 (without battery)
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