2 Channels BTE Type Hearing Aid

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2 Channels BTE Type Hearing Aid
2 Channels Digital Hearing Aid _ BTE type
Model No.: IN4-UP6ER7

- 2 Channels
- Digital BTE type
- 8 adjustable volume settings
- 3 noise reduction mode


Product Introduction
- 2 Channels digital hearing aid
- Light and small BTE typr hearing aid
- Dual microphone for better directional sound orientation
- Economic power saving with long-lasting batteries
- 8 adjustable volume setting
- Built-in noise filter technology
- 3 noise reduction mode

- Best suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
- Bi-usable, able to use on either the left or right ear.
- Simple and easy to set up.
- Suitable for all ages, genders and races.

Max. output 130 +/-5 dB @SPL 90dB
Gain 45 +/-5 dB
Continuous use 120 hours
Environmental mode 3
Battery P13
Color Beige
Dimension (mm) 40x13x9.5
Weight (g) 3.9
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